The fire of flamenco cante (voice), palmas (clapping), guitar and cajón, is taken to another level through colorful orchestration  and the dynamic range of the Big Band. In this symbiosis, characteristic flamenco harmonies and rhythms serve as a template for improvisation. Palmas, jaleos and Phrygian chords provide a fresh folkloric context, launching jazz solos in a new direction.
In May 2014, the BvR Flamenco big band won first prize at the Meerjazz International Big Band Competition. Their critically acclaimed debut album “Jaleo Holandés” was recently released at the 2015 Flamenco Biennale featuring Martijn Vink and Miguel Rodriguez.  As well as 2 international tours, they have recently performed at Rotterdam International Jazz Festival, the Amsterdam Bimhuis and the legendary North Sea Jazz festival.

BVR Flamenco Big Band NL (3)

BVR Flamenco Big Band NL (5)


The paths of these 6 musicians meet as a result of their role in the BvR Flamenco Big Band. In this reduced, more intimate format, the attention is focused on a rhythm section that wraps around and  carries the flamenco protagonists.
The 6tet brings together 2 key elements from the Dutch Flamenco scene, María Marín (voice) andEdsart Udo de Haes (flamenco guitar). Flamenco dancer Cristina Hall is also an frequent feature. The symbiosis is taken to the next level by the participation of some of the most demanded jazz men from the Amsterdam/Barcelona scene, Xavi Torres (piano), Marco Zenini (double bass) and Joan Terol (drums).