ELS BERROS DE LA CORT medieval folk world

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Els Berros de la Cort is the band that embodies the intriguing paradoxes of Catalan music and life: the medieval world is still part of the everyday; the raw and edgy sits besides the modern and stylish; their roots are both in the soil of that singular land, but also enriched by the wider world it’s cultivated over millennia.

All of the lyrics have been taken from medieval Catalan manuscripts like the 14th century Llibre de Sent Soví – the oldest preserved cookery treatise written in Catalan – and Speculum al foder, a medieval sex manual which is the first European treatise to include a whole section on positions for coitus.


Los nòstres vices e pecats (Nufolk, 2012)

Egregore (Galileo MC-Nufolk, 2008)

Els Berros de la Cort (Galileo MC-Nufolk, 2006)


Discoverd Records (United Kingdom) www.discovery-records.com

Galileo MC (Germany) www.galileo-mc.de

Ojo Musica (Spain) www.ojo-musica.com


Our vices and sins”

Els Berros have a mastery of the instruments of a mediaeval band –shawms, bagpipes, hurdy gurdy drums, and more.

But their mediaeval is now, more a place of bars, brawls and back-alleyways than courts, church and cloisters”

Geoff Speed & friends on Folkscene, the dial’s longest-running folk music programme (on BBCRadio)


Egregore – nufolk / galileo mc www.cainman.de/08_9/kol_4/index.shtml (Deutsch)

www.hasenpfeffer.net/de/musik/37-cd-rezensionen/154-els-berros-de-la-cort-egregore.html (Deutsch)

http://www.metaldistrict.de/md_cds::::6009:els_berros_de_la_cort_los_nstres_vices_e_pecats.html (Deutsch)


Els Berros de la Cort are:

Jordi Batallé: percussion

Jordi Comas “Peligru”: tarota, sac de gemecs and chanter

Elda Daunis: tarota, hurdy-gurdy and vocals

Marc Daunis: gralla, sac de gemecs, biniou, cornamuse du centre, hurdy-gurdy and vocals

Xus Jiménez: percussion

Alba Logan: gralla, tarota and sac de gemecs

David Picazo: mandola