Mediterrània Music Agentur is an event and promotion agency based in Bielefeld (Germany) and created to make muscians’ dreams come true…and ours too. We operate from the heart, the illusion, thrill, understanding and love for music. It synchronizes artists’ will with that of the audience. Such a bond is the projects’ backbone and the raison d’etre.

We aim to build up musical bridges between people far away from each other. As music promoters we strive to make distances shorter and agreements clearer. On this attempt, we collaborate with european promoters looking forward to fulfilling artists’ goal.

Because of mundialism consequences, sometimes not so bad, labels in groups are fading away and countries expresses support to other music coming from all over the world. Europe is not alien to these tendences and for that reason we are aimed to collaborate with those bands keen on sharing their music in any locations within the european territory. Early Muisc Ensembles, Folk, Fusion, Flamenco, World Music und Jazz bands as well as other scenic arts ensembles will be on board full with dreams to accomplish.



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  1. Luis says:

    Hi! We celebrate your wishes and hope we’ll be “elegible” for this adventure.
    We are Chill and seduce and this is our link to listen some of our music:

    Good luck!

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